Welcome to Bilberry and Birch

Bilberry and Birch is based in Northumberland, in the north east of England.

It's a beautiful, wild part of the country, with very varied landscapes, from the dramatic coastline to remote moorland, from wildflower meadows to mysterious forests. These landscapes are the inspiration for my jewellery collections.

Making jewellery used to be a hobby, but it's now become something of a full-time occupation. I work mainly with silver, copper, sea glass & ceramic, and semi-precious stones, using traditional methods and techniques. Each piece of jewellery from Bilberry and Birch is individually made by hand. No two pieces are ever quite identical, and many of my designs are one-offs.

I'm very interested in the mythology that surrounds the natural world, and my designs often have a symbolic meaning based on the subject that inspired them, and the materials that I use.

You can find out more about the inspiration behind my designs by following me on my blog, and on social media.

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