I haven't been able to visit the coast for a good few months now, thanks to the Covid restrictions, so I'm starting to run a little short of sea pottery. Lets hope I can re-stock soon! Luckily, I've had this lovely section of blue and white willow pattern set aside for a while. 

It came from one of my favourite beaches in Fife, and whilst I always liked the little section of pattern, I was slightly unsure about how best to orientate it.

The shape naturally lends itself to hanging lengthways from the narrowest point, but that would have meant having the pattern turned on its side. I eventually decided on this 'landscape' orientation, with a front fastening that makes the hook and loop clasp an integral part of the design. 

The images in the willow pattern tell a story, although rather disappointingly, far from being a traditional Chinese tale, it was invented by pottery manufacturers as a marketing tool in the late eighteenth century. You can read the full story of the willow pattern here, but the section in the necklace shows a pair of star-crossed lovers being chased over a bridge by the girl's father and his servants. 

You can find this lovely, eye-catching necklace in my shop now.